CURRENT DRAFT: They say the best things in life appear when you're not looking. This perfectly describes how Jill Gaynor found her way into the enchanting world of florals and design. 

Prior to flowers, Jill worked with Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, and spent twelve years using her design eye in the toy manufacturing industry. Her business experience combined with an innate sense of beauty and passion for nature allowed Jill to make a seamless career transition. At first glance, it’s clear to see the aesthetic influences in her work. Her years living by the ocean in Santa Monica, as well as her time in New York City equal a balance of west coast grace and sophisticated Manhattan style.

Jill holds a Masters of Art from New York University & earned her Professional Floral Design certification from FlowerSchool New York. She has studied with reknowned Master Florists Ariella ChezarShane ConnollySullivan OwenRobbie HoneyRemco Van Vliet & Lewis Miller

It always begins with flowers...lifestyle, fashion, every day bit of luxury, gifts, celebrations, interiors. These magical moments are even more magical with florals. Jill Gaynor offers a unique service to her clients. She takes on only 8 clients per year to assure that each one receives her utmost personal care and attention. Whether it's a gift arrangement, event plan for a personal or corporate celebration, product launches or interiors, Jill 

Case study - Jill has built a long and meaningful relationship with all her clients. For example, she handles all plants, exotic vases and pots, agent office designs, corporate events, gift for clients, etc.



Jill Gaynor Floral Design (formerly City Girl Flowers), is a concierge floral design studio led by Jill Gaynor, a toy manufacturer turned passionate florist. Jill was inspired to become a full-time florist in 2014, when she relocated from the tranquil & beautiful shores of Santa Monica, California to New York City. Her aesthetic combines a bit of west coast ease & beauty with the sophisticated style of Manhattan. Jill weaves her lifelong love & appreciation for nature, color & the arts into every arrangement she designs. She holds a Masters of Art from New York University & earned her Professional Floral Design certification from FlowerSchool New York.

Jill gained additional hands-on experience with Belle Fleur and Ariella New York and has had the privilege to take advanced courses with Master Florists Ariella ChezarShane Connolly, Sullivan Owen, Robbie Honey, Remco Van VlietLewis Miller.

The studio specializes in designing lovely arrangements with premium seasonal blooms. Whether it's a gift, special event, styling, corporate setting or bespoke bridal bouquet, City Girl Flowers is there to provide fresh ideas & excellent customer service.